Nursery Decor with Australian Online Boutique, Nordlife

Nursery Decor with Australian Online Boutique, Nordlife

Scandinavian nursery design and kid’s decor is all about minimalism, timeless colours and patterns, and sustainability. Implementing a Scandinavian theme to your nursery, baby bedroom or child’s room not only provides a great aesthetic, but also improves the overall function and quality of the room.

A major tenant of Scandinavian nursery design and kids room decor is sustainability and a connection to nature. Here are some of our favourite sustainable kids’ room decor and nursery decor items from Nordlife:

Cot canopies

Cam Cam Copenhagen’s line of cot canopies are beautiful and sustainable additions to the baby bedroom. They can be hung over the crib or kids bed to create a dreamy, fairy-tale like atmosphere for you and your little one to enjoy. Each Cam Cam cot canopy is made of 100% organic cotton and comes in a variety of beautiful colours so you’re sure to find one that matches perfectly with your baby room decor.

Baby swings

Another great kid’s decor item to achieve the Scandinavian nursery design look is a Scandinavian-style baby swing. These baby swings are made by Byel with sustainable, naturally-sourced, high-quality materials so they are not only good for your little one, but also good for the planet! The natural aesthetic these baby and toddler swings compliments any kids room decor scheme or nursery design scheme. The fabric of the swing is made of an organic cotton and linen blend, which comes in a wide range of darling colours and patterns.

Muslin cloths

Taking practicality to a whole new level – Every mother needs a good supply of these in their home! The muslins are very practical for a feeding and burping a baby or in the hot weather as a thin blanket or a swaddle. The possibilities are endless!

These adorable muslin cloths by Cam Cam Copenhagen are not only made of super soft, 4-layer breathable GOTS-certified organic cotton, they are also made to match the rest of the Cam Cam Copenhagen product range perfectly. The fabric is light and has a nice texture due to the weaving. The muslins are perfect for the stroller or cot and are handy to keep in your nappy bag for emergencies.

These great quality baby muslin cloths come in 5 different colours to perfectly suit the colour scheme you have chosen for your nursery.

Nursery buntings

These buntings are made out of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and they’re perfect to hang across a window or above the bed or crib. Cam Cam’s nursery buntings and garlands are from made out of leftover fabric from other Cam Cam nursery items and collections, making them the perfect sustainable decoration for your baby bedroom and nursery decor.

If you’re looking to style a Scandinavian-inspired nursery, Nordlife is your one-stop-shop for kid’s room decor and baby room design. Plus, they ship worldwide. Happy shopping!