How to get started in the world of weightlifting

How to get started in the world of weightlifting

The key to becoming a good weightlifter lies in the weightlifting equipment you have on hand. If you have high quality, durable gym equipment as a foundation for your weightlifting practice, your skills will improve exponentially. Here is a quick run-down of some of the weightlifting equipment basics you should be aware of when entering the world of weightlifting.

Gym Bench

A weight lifting bench will really let you take advantage of the full range of exercises you can do with your barbell and will take a central position in your home gym. Benches can also provide a useful platform for stretching and extensions of bodyweight-based exercises. Pick a bench that allows for incline to support a greater range of exercises.

Barbell and weight plates

For weight lifters setting up a home gym, it makes sense to start out by investing in a barbell and range of weight plates. A barbell and weights are probably the most important and versatile pieces of weight training equipment you can buy. Even if this is all you start off with, you’ll have everything you need for a whole body work out, and you’ll be able to tailor exercises to work every muscle group, and make solid progress, no matter what your fitness goals are.

On that topic, are you weight training for size, strength or endurance? They’re all slightly different beasts, and the weights and reps in your program should be finessed to help you most effectively reach your goal. It’s a good idea to research different approaches to each type of training, and how you can set up a weight lifting program with the right weights and reps to get you where you want to be.


Kettlebells are the new dumbbell. Kettlebell training increases strength, power, speed and coordination as well as core stability. Kettlebells are also highly portable, and require minimal storage room. We stock a range of kettlebell weights from 4kg right up to 32kg. Many kettlebell exercises recruit all the major muscle groups simultaneously, making for a highly effective workout. Check out this high intensity workout which only requires two kettlebells (and a lot of sweat).

The convenience of being able to work out on your own schedule, without commuting, without waiting to use equipment, and without navigating pools of other people’s sweat makes setting up your own home gym a no-brainer.

When you start to visualise your ideal home gym decked out with all the weight lifting equipment you could ever need, it’s easy to develop an extensive wish list, especially if you’re transitioning from a commercial gym. However, with a bit of planning, you can set up your own gym, complete with all the weight lifting equipment you need, with a relatively small initial outlay. Your gym and your workouts will probably evolve with time, but we’ve compiled a short list of weights and equipment that are our top picks to get you training at home and achieving results.